Nelson can offer a wide range of services to meet your Air Conditioning needs including, design, installation, service, and maintenance. With various comfort cooling solutions, or precise Air Conditioning control systems where required such as server rooms or laboratories.

With our installations you can rely on our extensive experience working in our customers’ businesses across the UK. Need aircon? Get a free quote from Nelson today.

Professional air conditioner installations

Our team at Nelson have years of experience installing air conditioning to meet all needs, providing various solutions from split AC, residential AC, VRF and Heat Pump AC. Whether you want to cool/heat commercial premises or a residential property, we can complete your enquiry from design to installation swiftly and professionally.

Nelson are a certified service partner of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. With being a service partner, a 7-year warranty is provided on all MHI products when installed by Nelson.

Coverage for a wide range of air conditioners

We provide coverage for a wide range of air conditioning systems, including:

Air Conditioning System

Offering various options using inverter driven systems operating on R32 there is a vast range of indoor units available, giving a variety of solutions for every installation.

VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) System

Our VRF systems are ideal for larger indoor spaces and multiple rooms, providing easy control and practical day-to-day functionality.

Ventilation Heat Recovery Units

Delivering good indoor air quality and energy efficiency for commercial or residential applications.

Air Source Heat Pump

Our heat pump systems provide robust temperature control in workplaces or residential properties, with minimal wastage and disruption.

Get a quote for aircon installation today

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Why choose Nelson?

As a professional and qualified team of air conditioner installers, Nelson has a wealth of expertise and knowledge to make air conditioner installation affordable and easy. Our friendly and reliable team works hard to deliver excellent results for our customers. We also offer ongoing maintenance and servicing as required to keep your system in top condition for years following installation.